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Terms and conditions

1. General principles on data protection

The web sites under the domain name nailshopbt.hu and diamondnails.hu (hereinafter: Web Shop), are operated and administrated by Nail Shop Bt. (headquarters: Europe, Hungary, 4225 Debrecen, Tocos u.5; registration number in the register of companies: 09-06-013531; (hereinafter: NailShop). Within the Web Shop the transmission of personal data is voluntary in each case and the legal basis of the data administration are presented in the informed consent to the person concerned, typically before data transmission. The use of the Web Shop constitutes acceptance of the usage of data stored during the visit of the web store, according to information regarding the treatment of information (taking into account the fact that the information referring to turnover are recorded automatically). The agreement of the participants on the treatment of the personal data provider by them, is registered before orders during registration/log on, and upon acceptance to participate to certain games with prizes, during the registration process. The administration of personal data indicated and recorded during the visit of the Web store is NailShop.

2. Data recorded when visiting the store Web

2.1. The objective of the NailShop’s administration of the personal data recorded when visiting the Web store ensures faultless operations and meets user’s requirements, in fulfilling orders. Some of those who visit the computer store may have IP recorded automatically with the aim to generate information on the rate of visiting of the website and notify any errors. These data are included in some cases in the category of personal data. This data is being refreshed daily and is stored monthly on NailShop’s server with the statistics purpose. IP titles are not associated by Nail Shop to any other data which would allow the identification od the user. During the visit of sites in which sessions do not include personal data, identification data is automatically deleted.

2.2. Some parts of the Web store use the so called “cookies”, which are stored on the hardware of the user with the purpose of registering data in order to identify more easily the users and to facilitate future visits. Users can adjust their search program so as to receive the Notification on incoming “cookies” having the freedom to decide whether they wish to accept or not. (if they don’t accept cookies some elements and some sites of the web store will not work perfectly, and the user may not receive the right to access certain data).

3. Personal data indicated before orders of products present in the Web store, registration and participation to games with prizes

3.1. With the issuance of orders on NailShop’s products the participants have his/her data recorded in the Web store, and he has expressively agreed to the recording of his personal data by NailShop Bt. With the purpose of processing and fulfilling orders.

3.2. With the participation in games with prizes presented in publications, the player has agreed that the data submitted enters the database NailShop, and without the need for any further authorization or any subsequent service it ensures the participation to the game, the notification of winners, the administration of any complains and the process of sending-delivery awards.
Players agree to have their name and address published by Nailshop publish in its web pages in case o a prize-wining.

3.3. In the granting of other personal data regarding the necessity of obtaining the authorization required in the administration of such personal data the person forward (including data transmission and operations management of personal data carried out NailShop) and also for providing necessary information relating to administration legal data.

3.4. As a data processing administrator NailShop uses GLS csomag-logisztika Ltd.

3.5. Managing data, data about games with prizes start with the draw and last by the end of the third month. Winners of games with prizes previously agreed to their data to be disclosed to the party who grants the awards, in order to fulfill the accounting documents and to be able to use any service offered as a prize, directly from the supplier. Registration of the draw, including the winners data will be kept on the premises NailShop respectively its partner, for 5 years according to the law CXXXIII of 2004 relating to taxation (administration of the data) and will be deleted after that date.

The data submitted during registration is administered by NailShop during the business relationship with the person in question, for a duration that does not necessarily coincide with the period of fulfillment of the order presented concurrently.

3.6. Registration data and those collected in the web shop and preferences of beneficiaries is given NailSHop in its database for search parameters and occasionally it is addressed to recipients in order to ensure the update if the data in the database.

4. Use of personal data for marketing or other purposes

During the registration in the Web shop and sending orders, the beneficiaries agree that NailShop also makes use of the submitted data for during a period of six months from in order to present them new offers and products. A player that expressively authorizes NailShop to transmit its information and materials in connection with products/services, but which nonetheless does not want in the future to be contacted for advertising purposes will send (via mail or via electronic letter) an application for cancellation of its data from NailShop, containing his name and respective address, (valid except for data regarding winners).
Participation in games with prizes are usually linked to authorization of the use of participant’s data for marketing purposes.

Except for these cases, NailShop uses your correspondence and phone number and other contact data of the user, in the absence of legal regulations providing otherwise, only with the agreement of the participant, for purposes of marketing, information, market research and others, and also other objectives of the different registration is not covered above.

5. Rights of persons in relation to data administration

5.1. Those dealing with data management in the Web store or games with prizes, may apply at any time, in a letter sent to headquarters NailShop, also by e-mail from our contact Web store, limiting the approval granted on some data, some operations on the data management and have the right to protest against the use of personal data in cases stipulated by the law of data protection. Any person affected negatively by the data administration has the right (i) to request (to the contact addresses listed above) information regarding the administration of his personal data, (ii) to request its correction (iii) to address the court in case of damages disrespect of his rights, (iv) may request compensation for damage caused as a result of illegal use of its data or failure requirements on data protection.

5.2. Managing data by NailSHop to fit the Web store operation correspond in all respects with the Law LXII of on protection of personal data and publication of data of public interest and is consistent with the law since 2001 CLVI on electronic services and other special legal regulations concerning data protection.

6. Online Dispute Resolution Website The European commission offers a platform for online dispute settlement. The platform can be found at https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/odr/main/.