All UV Nail Lamps have a One Year Warranty

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Before buying any of these Nail uv lamps and dryers, the following should be considered:

9 watt uv nail lamp: This item is usually bought for home use. The curing time for gels with this type of lamp, depending upon color and thickness of gel, ranges from 3-5 minutes. The lamp contains 1 x 9 watt bulb

18 watt uv nail lamp: This item can be used in salon or at home. Manicurists use this in the salon when time between clients does not matter. The curing time for nail gels with this type of uv nail dryer is about 3 to 4 minutes. The lamp contains 2 x 9 watt bulbs.

36 watt uv nail lamps: This item is usually used in salons. There are several types of variations of this product. One contains a timer, another one contains a timer and a fan. The timer is set to 120 seconds. This is the usual curing time of the nail gels under this type of lamp.(If the color of the nail gel you are trying to cure is very deep, for example black, it might take an extra minute. Do not forget to use the Nail gel cleanser to remove the residue layer after the gel has been cured.