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Ultrabond (extra strong bonding liquid) 15ml
Ultrabond (extra strong bonding liquid) 15ml

Ultrabond (extra strong bonding liquid) 15ml

Use it for preparing natural nails before applying gel nail polish for extra-strong bonding

  • Acts as a thin layer of glue between the nail plate and the gel polish
  • Acid-free
  • Perfect for oily nails
  • Use it in a thin layer after Nail prep and Primer on natural nails
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have tried it almost for all my customers and it never let me down, highly recommend it
I have ordered this ultra bond for 2 years over and over, after trying few brands on the market, I do my nails at home and since Im using this dehydrator my nails last longer
I've only used these once so far with a gel application. However, it certainly seems to make a difference as far as long lasting and aiding in bonding your gel to your nail!love it.
Let me tell you....THIS IS IT. You’re probably wondering why your at home gel manicure didn’t last, why it chipped/peeled after two days. You’re probably missing the most important step!

I bought this primer set and it changed everything for me. My manicures last so much longer and as a beginner it was so easy to use. So far it’s been 1-2 weeks since I did my gel manicure and it’s still looks fresh, no chips or lifting. If you’re looking for longevity, you need this! Would definitely recommend!!!

First pics are day 1. Last pick is 1 week later.
Disclaimer: I also use a builder gel to help grow my nails. If you’re looking to grow yours you might want to add that to your nail regimen. Xoxo
This product is a must for anyone who does nails for a living or who does their own nails, it is important to use nail primers to ensure a good base to work on, these products are an important part of nail care and nail enhancement