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Diamond Nails News
13/03/2023 12:21

How to prepare your artificial nails for applying decorations.

How to prepare your artificial nails for applying decorations.

Decorating nails with artificial nail decorations has become increasingly popular in recent years. However, to ensure that the decorations are durable and safe during the artificial nail decoration process, proper preparation is essential. During the proper preparation of your nails, you will remove any previous nail polish, shape your nails to the desired shape, apply a base coat, and then place the desired artificial nail decorations. It is important to carefully follow all of these steps to ensure that the decorations are durable and look great on your nails.

Before applying nail decorations, it's important to properly prepare your nails to ensure that the decorations adhere securely and last. Here are some steps to follow to prepare your nails:

  1. Remove any previous nail polish: If you have any previous nail polish on your nails, remove it using acetone or nail polish remover. It's important to have a completely clean nail surface to ensure good adhesion of the nail decorations.

  2. Shape your nails: Use a nail file to shape your nails to your desired shape. If necessary, push back your cuticles with a cuticle pusher.

  3. Wash your hands: Wash your hands and nails thoroughly with soap and water, then dry them.

  4. Apply a base coat: Apply a base coat to your nails, which will help maintain the health of your nails and promote better adhesion of the nail decorations.

  5. Apply the nail decorations: You're now ready to apply the nail decorations. Choose your desired decorations and place them on your nails in the desired pattern or shape. Use a small amount of nail glue or nail gel to secure the decorations.

  6. Apply a top coat: Apply a top coat to the nail decorations to ensure their durability and protect them from damage.

It's important to complete each step thoroughly and carefully to ensure that the nail decorations are long-lasting and look good. If you feel like you need assistance, it may be worth visiting a professional nail salon.