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24/03/2023 14:59

What should a professional gel artificial nail starter set contain?

What should a professional gel artificial nail starter set contain?

In this response, I will provide a list of the essential items that should be included in a professional gel nail starter kit. This includes items such as a UV lamp, nail file, cuticle pusher, gel base materials, gel colors, gel top coat, and nail polish remover. Having these items is crucial to creating beautiful and long-lasting gel nails.

A professional gel nail starter kit should typically include the following items:

  1. UV lamp: Gel nails require a UV lamp to cure and harden the gel.

  2. Nail file: A nail file is necessary for preparing the surface of the natural nail to ensure that the gel adheres properly.

  3. Cuticle pusher: The cuticle needs to be pushed back to apply the gel correctly.

  4. Gel base materials: A good starter kit should include at least one base material, such as a building gel, which can be applied to the nail to provide a strong foundation for further layers.

  5. Gel colors: There are usually a variety of gel colors to choose from, which can be used to decorate the nails.

  6. Gel top coat: A gel top coat is important to protect the nails from scratches and to give them a shiny finish.

  7. Nail polish remover: If you make a mistake or simply want to remove the gel, you'll need nail polish remover to safely take it off.

These are the basic items that you may need to create professional gel nails, but the exact contents may vary between different kits. It's worth browsing the prices and specifications to find the starter kit that best meets your needs.