Nail Primer

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Nail Preparation Fluid (extra strong)

  • Dehydrating and disinfecting effect
  • Removes oil from natural nails
  • Acidic
  • Recommended for nails with problems
  • Provides perfect adhesion

Wait till it's completely dry on the nails!
Apply as the second part of the preparation process, after Nail Prep.


Video below shows the use of the nail primer in the preparation of the gel manicure

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06/06/2021 00:44
 - kyla
06/06/2021 00:44
I have recently since quarantine began gotten into acrylic and gel nails to break my nail biting habit, and my biggest issue has been lifting of the nail near my cuticle. I had done everything right and still within a couple days they began to lift. I then tried this particular dehydrator and i havent had the slightest bit of lifting, 2 weekslonger than when usually my nails would usually begin to lift. Definitely a game changer. Make sure you groom your cuticles, as well as buff the surface before you apply it! Overall my favorite nail dehydrator I've tried so far.
29/03/2021 17:07
 - Miya
29/03/2021 17:07
Very good product. I recently used Shellac and do my manicure myself. Unfortunately, the base often did not stick and I could peel it off or it just fell off with color. Since I use the primer, any manicure has been bombproof. Super!
22/03/2021 11:14
 - Sophia
22/03/2021 11:14
After trying many oder brands I can say the Primer is seriously the best one in the market, really happy with my order.
just the delivery time took a bit long ,hopefully when the covid time is over it gonna improve.