Our Black Lash Extension Adhesive is perfect for beginners but also suitable for professional use.

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28/06/2021 20:34
 - gina
28/06/2021 20:34
This adhesive has been , from application to retention. My clients are happy .
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11/06/2021 18:51
 - Melanie
11/06/2021 18:51
I decided to teach myself how to do eyelash extensions because why not! I am not familiar with other glues, but I decided to go with this one and I'm glad I did! After a few trial runs, I used this to give my mom eyelash extensions and it went great! I've gotten it done by a professional before and the glue really hurt my eyes then, but my mom said she didn't feel any pain or discomfort with this glue, and they lasted a very long time! I would definitely recommend this glue, especially for such a great price! (:
11/06/2021 18:48
 - Mias
11/06/2021 18:48
Used this on my clients and it was great. It would last until the 3 weeks touch up before about 50% of lashes will fall, the adhesion is great no smell no allergies .overall Im happy Ive finally found a reliable lash adhesive
23/05/2021 23:55
 - Laura
23/05/2021 23:55
I have used this Adhesive for a year now and it is hands down the best I've tried. Every so often I will dabble with other brands just to see if something else is better out there, but so far, nothing has touched it. For anyone having retention issues, either your technique is off or your work conditions aren't optimal. Proper temperature and humidity are a must when dealing with ALL Lash Adhesives on the market, making sure you have cleaned the natural lashes well and have the right amount of glue on each extension to allow your lashes to wrap is key.