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I was searching alot for a professional product like this, have tried a few and Im supper happy with diamond cosmetics, it’s perfect for me doesn’t irritate your eyes its very gentle and has a pleasant smell, i can just recommend it
I love this product! I’m trying classic extensions for the first time and my research led me to search for an oil and glycol free cleaner. I found that it was really hard to find a cleaner that met those requirements, but this one is perfect! It is gentle and effectively cleans two or three days’ worth of oil and makeup buildup! Not to mention that you get a HUGE amount of product for a reasonable price.
Before I started using this product my extensions were lasting about two weeks maximum and now that I’ve been using it every few days they’ll easily last for a month with only one touch up needed. It keeps them from breaking off early, and it helps them stay clean so they always look fresh and it doesn’t mess with the adhesion either so all in all, five star purchase.
I am in love with this eyelash shampoo. It works really good in removing dust and oil out of the lashes. Moreover, it does not burn the eyes like other products. My clients feel so good and fresh after I clean their lashes before the extension procedure.
This stuff is amazing! I wear fake lashes and there is always glue residue left when I take them off. I used this stuff and it took it right off. No burning or anything like that. Today I tried it on my fake lashes and they cleaned them to where they looked like they have never been used. I highly recommend this product!
Love how my extensions feel after using this shampoo. Im using it already for a month and this time my lashes stayed longer ,its a must for who ever has eyelash extensions .
As a newbie in the eyelash game, this shampoo was great. its easy to use. I would most certainly buy it again. It doesn't irritate your eyes, no extra smell, no rash. I absolutely recommend it.
I really liked this brand! My lash tech had suggested this,
I’ve tried it now, I really liked the thickness of the materials output! It stays foamy on your lashes unlike many other brands.
I have sensitive skin and have had no breakouts or irritation. This works great to keep my lashes clean to help keep my eyelash extensions in place all day long!!
This is a great option for cleaning your eyelashes before you put on extensions. This does a great job at quickly removing grease and grime and promotes better adhesion on your actual lashes. It offers you both cleaning and moisturizing so that’s a pretty nice feature to have. Overall it’s a good value for the price and one bottle lasts a really long time so it’s a win for me.
I have been getting lash extensions for over 3 years now and have never bought a lash wash for them. I was always afraid that they would fall out. I recently started getting volume lashes which have more lashes on them and my lash lady said that I needed to start using a a wash on them because the "fans" were sticking together. I did a lot of research and read a lot of reviews. I still had the fear that it would cause them to fall out, but needed to try something. I have used this for a week now and not one single lash has fallen out and my lashes are very full looking. I see a huge difference. Highly recommend.
let me start by saying ,Ive been doing eyelash extensions for my clients with diamond cosmetic extension lashes for a year and I love the quality. lash shampoo is amazing no red eyes and very soft on my clients. I absolutely recommend this.
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