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Extreme UV/LED 36W Lamp - Rose

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This Uv nail polish lamp is absolutely the best in the market, the design is very beautiful has enough space for the hands or your feet, the curing time you can choose what you want and the most important is that it doesn’t overheat, so I can say I’m in-love with my purchase. Recommend it to everyone who wants to have beautiful nails
The best gel polish uv lamp I ever had, and it’s worth the purchase. This nail dryer is as advertised. I can do UV nails within a short amount of time. It doesn’t take me long at all. And with this nail dryer, you can cure your nails in dim lighting to keep them from burning you or your clients. Very easy to use. I have no issues, and I’ve had it for, I believe, a little over a year now. Great price as well. Why purchase a $200–$250 nail dryer when this is perfect for much less. It’s worth your money. This lamp is the best of all that I’ve gotten.
I have been considering saving money by doing my nails myself for a while and was looking for a gel polish uv lamp that would do the job right.I purchased this little baby and took it to my nail shop for an expert opinion and boy not only am I in-love with it , so are the people at my nail shop. It's fast with drying the polish, its super roomy so I don't accidentally hit my nails on the sided when putting my hands in an out. So the verdict can't go wrong here.
I am obsessed with being able to do my own nails that are dry almost instantly!
with this nail led lamp you can cure your gel polish under a minute.
Would definitely recommend this lamp!
I've ordered U V lamp from this company and have found their products and customer service exceptional...the sipping was also quick.
highly recommended
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