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Nail Prep 15ml
Nail Prep 15ml

Nail Prep 15ml

  1. Nail prep is used for the preparation of the nails for a gel manicure.
  2. Removes oil and dirty residue from the natural nails.
  3. Used as a first step in the gel manicure process after disinfection of the nail
  4. Available in 15 ml

Video of the use of the nail prep is found below


Strong nail primer designed for sensitive nails. Can be used with any gel or acrylic powder system. Does not contain any acid. Available in 15 ml.

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Not using the nail prep was the reason my gel polish never lasted long, so I ordered this one a month ago and since then everything has truly changed, Im really happy with my purchase
I was reading how to do gel nails at home and a blogger mentioned that you need to really dry out the nail as much as possible before applying gel polish, and recommended this product. I use it every time and I think it does make a difference - my nails last about 4weeks with gel polish. They don't chip hardly ever (though I do a lot of typing so they probably chip more than someone that doesn't have a desk job). Im really happy with this product.
The nail prep is easy to apply and dries very quickly.
missing this item was the reason my gel polish wasn't lasting longer than few days,
really satisfied with the quality and also the bottle size .