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Premium Gel Polish Starting Set with Extreme 36w UV/LED Lamp (white)

Premium Gel Polish Starting Set with Extreme 36w UV/LED Lamp

The starting set contains:

If the nails are prepared correctly and the gel polish is applied properly, the nails can last up to 4 weeks. A 7 ml bottle of gel polish can do up to 80 nails.


The gel polish set contains a unique Nail Led lamp

The led lamp has its own ventilating system to prevent overheating of the electric panel. Most Led lamps on the market go bad after a short period because the panel is not ventilated to prevent overheating

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Last week I ordered this set and today i received it, Im really impressed by the quality and the design it’s really worthy of money you pay, and the uv light is beyond expectations, really beautiful doesn't over heat and there is plenty of space for your fingers and toes
I order this set few weeks ago and in 3 days I recieved it, Im supper impressed by the fast shipping.
the cleanser is supper good, no bad smell works perfect and easy to use
I was searching for a good uv gel polish lamp, because Im a professional nail designer you can imagine how many lamps Ive already used and non of them last long, till I ordered this beautiful, and Im inlove with quality of the set and the material, the uv light doesn’t over heat, and the design is absolutely gorgeous, I wanted to try other products from this brand so thats why I gave this set a try, and it below my mind, absolutely recommended
I’m a professional nail technician and I’ve ordered this set as a gift to one of my friends , I can say Im absolutely speechless about the quality of it, the quality is amazing all the products in the box have a very good quality and the uv lamp is my favourite part , absolutely recommend it
the gel polish starting set is amazing, the nail file and buffer have really good quality and the uv lamp is my favourite ,its so beautiful and works amazing you have enough space to put your hand totally inside and also can use it for pedicure ,this set has everything you need to avoid the salons and do your nails at home without paying so much money every month for your nails