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SUNX35 UV/LED lamp (24w)
SUNX35 UV/LED lamp (24w)

SUNX35 UV/LED lamp (24w)

Sunx35 UV/LED Nail lamp 24w


The 24W UV/LED lamp is an efficient and quick solution for applying artificial nails at home or in a salon. The combination of two different light sources, UV and LED, ensures the proper bonding of different types of artificial nails.


  • Power: 24W power, which ensures fast and efficient binding.
  • Two light sources: a combination of UV and LED, enabling the bonding of different types of artificial nails.
  • Timer function: It has a built-in timer that makes it easy to set the setting time (30, 60 seconds or Low Heat Mode 99sec )
  • Easy to use, compact design, ideal for home or salon use.
  • Automatic sensor: It has an automatic sensor, which means that the lamp will only turn on when you place your hand or foot under the lamp.


The package contains the adapter required for the device.

We provide One-year guarantee for this lamp!

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