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SUNX36 UV/LED lamp (10w)
SUNX36 UV/LED lamp (10w)

SUNX36 UV/LED lamp (10w)

Portable white 10W UV/LED nail lamp, excellent to travel with 


  • One-finger, combined UV-LED lamp with 10watt, 
  • Thanks to its super strong combined LED and UV light, the materials bond much faster 
  • Under its light, it sets all building and cover nail gels (in 1-2 minutes), gel polish (in 1-2 minutes) and colored gels (in 60 seconds)
  • It is suitable for binding construction gels, for everyday use at home, but thanks to its compact size, it is the most perfect companion for traveling.
  • The package includes the LED-UV lamp and the accompanying USB cable (adapter not included)
  • 1 year warranty
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