Premium Gel Polish Starting Set with Extreme 36w UV/LED Lamp

The starting set contains:

If the nails are prepared correctly and the gel polish is applied properly, the nails can last up to 4 weeks. A 7 ml bottle of gel polish can do up to 80 nails.

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26/05/2021 23:00
 - Alice
26/05/2021 23:00
Gel polish really boomed in popularity over the last year or two, to the point tha I got really curious about it. I used to be obsessed with nail polish, but gave it up for several years. I recently decided to dip my toe into it again. I now have two "nail polish starter kits" and this was my favorite of the two. I think this uv lamp sets the polish faster, and I like the colors better. The polish has a nice gloss compared to the gel polish I recently used. It is long lasting as well.
23/05/2021 23:44
 - Kimber
23/05/2021 23:44
This gel polish kit was very easy to use. My nails don't grow very long and peel easily, so gel polish works for me to protect my nails. I also love to garden so my nails take a beating. I have been paying € 50+ for a pedicure and a gel manicure and wanted to cut the cost, so I tried this kit. I followed the directions on Diamond nails YouTube channel, clean and prep nails and polish lightly during each coat under the light. This polish is great, no bubbling or stickiness. I did wipe with rubbing alcohol after the top coat, just like they do in the nail salon. I was also so happy with how my nails turned out, I decided to try on my toes too. So far I have had the polish on for 10 days with no chipping. They seem to be holding up well.
20/05/2021 22:32
 - Tracy
20/05/2021 22:32
Very good products. Surprised how nice everything was when it came in the mail. Used it as soon as i got it and took a shower right after and they stayed on pretty good no chips or nothing just as it should be. love the led lamp is doesn't over heat very beautiful design and Id say so far there just like salon nails shelac or gel. Very nice for price would defiantly recommend. I dont ever write reviews but this one deserved one
16/05/2021 20:24
 - Kate
16/05/2021 20:24
Just got this yesterday, have always been Skeptical of trying to do a salon job at home but I’m super impressed. I never bother to write reviews but thought this deserved it... the price is good, its easy to use and it works. I watched a few YouTube videos from diamond nails YouTube channel to help me and haven’t tried any nail art... just went for a simple colour today to see and it worked well.
Overall I’ll be saving quite a bit I’m not going to nail bars in futur.
04/05/2021 23:25
 - rose
04/05/2021 23:25
I am so glad I purchased this product. I am going on a week and half of the gel polish and it looks great. the nail led lamp works perfect, you can cure the gel in less than a minute, It works the same as you would be in the salon, but without all the salon noise, smells and waiting. It costs me 30€ every time I visit for a manicure and nail polish, and now I can do this at home. I recommend to anyone that does not want the hassle of a salon.
29/03/2021 17:29
 - Lizz
29/03/2021 17:29
I love this set which is complete, there is everything necessary for a good manicure ,with the nail prep, 2 in 1 base and topcoat, files ,gel polishes !
the nail prep is my favourite, also it dries very quick and doesn't have a bad smell.
The size of the UV lamp is also really good because it is not too small that you don't find enough space for your fingers to light them at also has a very high quality and I love the design.
the set definitely worth the money you spending for it.
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