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The set is definitely worth it! Its perfect for nails ,But it may need some practice for beginner to shape your nail after the gel dry out. I suggested that you use the lamp for 2-3 minutes until it completely dry and shape.
Omgosh this is so easy to use. The uv lamp is full size great for doing one hand at once. I had to try this out. So I did one of my pinkies. Then I did one of my daughter's pinkies, All this took maybe 10 mins after I set up everything. Super pleased, Always check under nail before curing lol. Other than that Cannot wait to do a full set.
I ordered the starter kit on January 31, 2021, and am loving it. Your polish is great and the kit included everything I needed. I did watch a few videos before trying to use the gel polish. I wish I had switched sooner, I was intimidated at first but am so glad I did it. I have learned a few tricks that have really helped: Do your layers thin, clean your edges with acetone and a nail brush before you set it under the uv lamp. Enjoy
The polish goes on well. You have to use light strokes. It comes with everything you need . For the price its great. I started with the nudes. I'm going to order a another set of colors to add to my collection.
Easy to use and lasts just as long as a salon! It keeps my nails from breaking and stays shiny. Highly recommend...I will be doing my own nails at home for now on!
This was my first time doing this on my own, and this product made it so easy. I am over a weekend and my polish still looks flawless on my nails and toes. I am so excited to be able to keep my mani/pedi looking nice on my own without having to make time to go get them done so often.
The LED lamp is great! Cures everything perfect and the polishes are vibrant and beautiful! I love the matte topcoat it works great, gives a very velvety look!!
Absolutely love this. The lamp is a perfect size and works really well. It doesn't feel hot on the skin. The polished are also great. They are the perfect thickness and dont have a strong order like other polishes do.
I can do my nails at home and feel like I'm at the salon. Its beginner friendly too
The nail polishes and everything that came with the box was soo good! The part i was most excited for was the lamp because the old one i had never fully dried my nails or missed the edges of my nails. But this lamp dries them completely. Since it has lights all over it, it fully dries them. I’m even able to put in my thumb with my whole hand unlike my past one that wasn’t big or strong enough to dry all the nails. The cuticle oil is also something i like a lot because it helps with the dryness and helps your hands look a lot hydrated. Loved the nail polishes so much, looking forward to buying more products. I 100% recommend!
Great starter kit. the gel polish Led lamp is for sure the best in the market .I did my fingernails/toenails and my 2 daughters fingernails, one right after the other our nails turned on perfect! Definitely worth the buy!!
Gel polish really boomed in popularity over the last year or two, to the point tha I got really curious about it. I used to be obsessed with nail polish, but gave it up for several years. I recently decided to dip my toe into it again. I now have two "nail polish starter kits" and this was my favorite of the two. I think this uv lamp sets the polish faster, and I like the colors better. The polish has a nice gloss compared to the gel polish I recently used. It is long lasting as well.
This gel polish kit was very easy to use. My nails don't grow very long and peel easily, so gel polish works for me to protect my nails. I also love to garden so my nails take a beating. I have been paying € 50+ for a pedicure and a gel manicure and wanted to cut the cost, so I tried this kit. I followed the directions on Diamond nails YouTube channel, clean and prep nails and polish lightly during each coat under the light. This polish is great, no bubbling or stickiness. I did wipe with rubbing alcohol after the top coat, just like they do in the nail salon. I was also so happy with how my nails turned out, I decided to try on my toes too. So far I have had the polish on for 10 days with no chipping. They seem to be holding up well.
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