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this set is really practical and the quality of the uv light is beyond ,recommend it :)
In the last days of summer i gave it a try and ordered this beautiful box, Im absolutely amazed by the quality and the quick delivery, the uv light is absolutely my favorite and gel polishes are truly the best in the market, long story short Highly recommended.
Im really satisfied with the quality of this set, the products are amazing and the led lamp is absolutely my favourite ,it doesn't overheat has plenty of space and the design is gorgeous ,gonna order the products again for sure
I’m not usually write reviews, but since two month ago that I’ve ordered this set, I haven’t visited the nail salon and Im super happy about it, the quality of the set is amazing, in love with the uv led light, it has plenty of space and the design is beautiful, you can use for pedicure also, the nail prep is also my favourite from this brand, really worth the money, highly recommended
Its my dream gel polish set, the quality of the set is amazing the uv light is my favourite, I have ordered many lamps and this is the one, its has a huge space for hand or feet and it doesn't over heat,inlove with this brand
I love this item! The lamp is very cute and works great! The curing was on point and everything was applied smoothly. I absolutely loved the cuticle oil as well, smelled soo good and felt great on my very dry cuticles. the gel polish colours are so beautiful and vibrant
This gel polish kit was very easy to use. My nails don't grow very long and peel easily, so gel polish works for me to protect my nails. I also love to garden and I am a chemistry teacher, so my nails take a beating. I have been paying $70+ for a pedicure and a gel manicure and want to cut the cost, so I tried this kit. This polish is great, no bubbling or stickiness. I did wipe with rubbing alcohol after the top coat, just like they do in the nail salon. I was also so happy with how my nails turned out, I decided to try on my toes too. So far I have had the polish on for 2 weeks with no chipping. They seem to be holding up well.
I just LOVE this product sooo much! I can’t get over myself with how my nails came out. Shooot I feel like I did better than most nail shops I’ve gone too. The process is super EASY, the nails feels STRONG, and the COLORS are amazing. I pretty much followed the instructions.

I would totally recommend to purchase if you are creative, patient, and like to save money.
Awesome gel kit. It comes with a lot accessories and 2ccolors of nail polish. The uv light works great and after 60 seconds my nails are dry and good to go!
I have been paying $80 each time I go get shellac mani pedi at the nail salon. I always thought was worth it because it lasted longer than a regular polish. For half that cost, I was able to get this kit. It had everything that I will need to do my nails many times. The quality is better than the salon to be honest and I love being at home and do ma nails, absolutely recommend it
I absolutely love this kit. It’s a great investment for anyone who usually gets their nails done and wants to start saving money. It was very easy to use. The light cures the polish really well and the polish does last for 4 weeks . The colors are cute. Some colors require more layers of polish than others. If you know how to polish your nails properly you won’t ever have to visit a nail salon again.
There are so many great things about these products. My absolute favourite is the uv lamp, it dries your nails so fast. The nail polish colors are perfect, you can layer on the coats until you like how it is.
Overall, all of the tools and products are great!
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