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I spent a ton of time researching gel polish kits, based on the price, quality and colours available in the kit itself. Diamond nails seemed like the best brand, especially for the Led lamp provided with and I wasn't wrong. I've had this kit for about a week or so, after trying a different one for a whole day. The other was awful and one of the colors came exploded. THIS KIT THOUGH. Everything was perfect and intact, neat The light works wonderful and is very easy to use. The actual gel base and top coat, colors as well are some of the best gel polishes I've used, so far. Of course, I am not that far into my experience with gel polish and I am not a pro, but these colors are really easy to glide on, they blend well and easy to layer. Very happy I bought this kit and I recommend it to anyone!
This gel set is amazing. It included everything I could have possibly needed and it arrived a day early. I have spent the last 15 years spending countless time and money at the salon twice a month. Now I can do my nails and never have to leave the house. The led lamp is fast and effective, and the set came with beautiful gel polish colors to choose from. I wish I would have ordered this sooner. I could not be more happy with this gel set.
Bought this mostly for the nail led lamp , because I already throw out 3 led lamps cause they over hited ,and the led bulbs went out ,but this one works just perfect and I’ve already done more than 100 customers in my nail salon.concerning the gel polish quality , my customers nails gel polish last up to 4 weeks. The gel quality is really nice and I love everything that came with it.
Best choice of mine to get this set. Highly recommand for domestic use!
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