Gel Polish Starting Set with 36W UV lamp

The starting set contains:

  • 1 pc. 36W UV lamp with 1 year warranty
  • 1 pc. Gel cleanser 100ml
  • 1 pc. Gel polish set /Base 2in1 7ml, DN196, DN033/
  • 1 pc. Buffer
  • 1 pc. Nail Prep. 15ml
  • 1 pc. 100/180 nail file
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08/06/2021 23:31
 - Jazmin
08/06/2021 23:31
This nail kit has everything to do your own gel manicure and pedicures from home. It’s so convenient and definitely a time and money saver. I love the color choices, The led lamp does a great job curing. It works quickly and efficiently.
03/06/2021 23:00
 - milla
03/06/2021 23:00
Soon as I got my package,I immediately opened it. The uv light is awesome and its just like being in a salon.
02/06/2021 15:04
 - Gabriella
02/06/2021 15:04
Great kit! It contains everything a beginner needs. It even comes with a top coat. Very easy to use and it is definitely beginner friendly. The colors are also pretty true to the picture. Overall, I am very happy with the purchase and I can’t wait to try out all the colors and buy some more to expand my collection.
26/05/2021 23:04
 - Reanna
26/05/2021 23:04
First of all I was super impressed with the sellers quick response to a question I had before I even purchased the product! Shipping was incredibly quick. I am a novice at gel nails and I am terrible when it comes to applying regular nail polish so I was surprised at how well I was able to do the gel . I have only had them done for a couple days so I can not speak on the length of wear but so far I am blown away by the quality and value of this product! A couple tips, apply color in thin layers and cure between layers and before curing clean any color or top coat off the skin around your nails.
17/05/2021 18:05
 - Nicole
17/05/2021 18:05
The uv lamp is huge I love how much room there is in there, the colors are beautiful and not thin, the top coat is so pretty this is amazing for anyone that’s considering doing their own nails. This saves me so much money it’s insane. I used to pay 45 for a set in the salon meanwhile I could’ve gotten this instead plus the gel helps my nails grow.